NPT Offset Press Pvt Limited, Chennai, India
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Our State of the art technology which include Heidelberg Machines allows printing up to 5 colours and printing with online Water based coating using sheets of all sizes

Large investment in machinery and employment of professionally qualified personnel has resulted in NPT offering the best of its kind in the business to our clients

We truly have the ability and technological capacity to offer a flexible configuration of sophisticated offset printing which can accommodate any order. We take great pride in our quality, large capacity and quick turn-around capabilities. Our people can make suggestions that help make the finishing process smooth and have your product looking great.

Our press division utilizes proven technology and equipment to ensure that your finished products are of the highest quality. Our professional press-operators are masters at maintaining consistency and coverage; maintaining accuracy; and meeting deadlines. Our team of professionals maintains equipment to ensure optimum efficiency and quality and is well-versed in pre-press and press technology
Machine Size Colours
Heidelberg SM 102 28" x 40" 5
Heidelberg SM 102 Perfecter 28" x 40" 5 + Coater
Heidelberg SM 52 14.125" x 20.5" 4
Heidelberg CD 74 23.07" x 29.13" 4
Heidelberg SM 74 20" x 29" 5 + Coater
Heidelberg SORDZ 25.25" X 36" 2
Heidelberg SORD 25.25" X 36" 1