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5S Practice
Due to economic recession coupled with the coming free trade, competition will become dynamic and borderless. Everyone in business arena has to be prepared to cope with global and national competition. One of the criteria is to increase printing productivity and to reduce cost which has to be carried out as soon as possible on proactive and consistent basis. The basic tool universally accepted to increase the productivity is '5S Techniques' and is followed successfully in many printing industries.

The 5S methodology

The 5S practice is a technique used to establish and maintain a productive and quality environment in an organization. 5S is basically a Japanese concept for House Keeping.

1.) Sort (Seiri)
Put things in order. De-clutter and eliminate what is not needed and keep what is needed.

2.) Straighten (Seiton)
Proper Arrangement: To easily access or retrieve of objects at work place. Place things in such a way that they can be easily reached whenever they are needed

3.) Shine (Seiso):
Clean. Every object has to be clean and polished. The work place has to be litter and dirt free.

4.) Standardize (Seiketsu)
Purity: To maintain a systematic and continual cleaning process at the work place.

5.) Sustain (Shitsuke)
Commitment: Actually this is not a part of '4S', but a typical teaching and attitude towards any undertaking to inspire pride and adherence to standards established for the four components)
The outcome derived from the 5S Practices:
1) Staff realized the importance of working environment improvement.

2) Staff realized the importance of data recording.

3) Staff work with more care and attention

4) Staff can do the daily maintenance of machine by themselves.

5) Staff can work as a team.

6) Staff understand the reason why and how to do cost reduction.

7) Staff understood procedures of productivity improvement.

Why we adopted and implement the 5S at NPT printing press?

For producing high quality print products and printing services with little waste and with high productivity. This technique is used for developing a systematic work culture in which every employee assumes larger responsibility for keeping his work place, mater tools, records and the necessary information in an organized manner.

Even though the origin and development of these practices have been done in manufacturing companies, the potential and practicality of these practices are so captivating that these are applicable to any work and living environment; be it a company, hospital, hotel, a public utility, government office, school or one's own house.

NPT printing press has won the ABK AOTS award for implementing 5S practices in its printing press operations.